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Factory Painted Cladding

Siparila Topcoat Pre-finished Claddings

Siparila topcoat pre painted claddings are manufactured in Finland in a controlled factory environment.

Using Nordic Spruce (Picea abies) is machined to a secret-nail cladding profile, incorporating tongued & grooved ends with a fine-sawn face. The cladding is painted immediately after planing, without leaving the factory, using an industrial vacuum-painting system and heat dried before being packaged for export.

The cladding is available to order in any colour using the RAL colour matching system recognised throughout Europe. Minimum quantities may apply to certain colours.

The cladding can be supplied with a range of trims including internal and external corners, starter boards, eaves and fascias.

Used widely in traditional Finnish building techniques, the Topcoat painted product is guaranteed for 10 years against flaking, blistering and cracking. The quality controlled factory environment for painting and drying ensures a high quality finish giving 350g/m2 paint coverage that would be near impossible to replicate with traditional on site application.

The benefits of a ready to install product, protected against stain and mould formation and the harmful effects of UV radiation are clear to see. In addition to the superior paint finish, the length wastage is greatly reduced and the speed of installation increased. There is no requirement for specialist paint trades to follow on behind the cladding installation.

Scandinavian timber used for cladding has a proven environmental track record and all pre-painted claddings from Siparila are PEFC certified ensuring the wood is sourced from sustainable well managed forest.


More information can be found by downloading the following pdf documents.

Siparila Exterior Design

Siparila Interior Design Part 1

Siparila Interior Design Part 2


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