Douglas Fir

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Pseudotsuga menziesii

This highly prized timber is perhaps the best known of Canadian species. In Britain it is often known as British Columbian Pine.

In the early pioneering days of timber extraction in British Columbia, Douglas Fir was the only tree thought worth felling and other tree species were ignored! (Of course forestry practice today is quite different and the greatest attention is paid to achieve sustainable harvesting and maintaining bio-diversity).

The European popularity of Douglas Fir remains undiminished and it is renowned for its beauty, strength and stability.

Today there are two distinct types of Douglas Fir; old-growth fine-grained Fir and second-growth plantation Fir.

Western Forest Products, represented by MBM Speciality Forest Products, sell old-growth environmentally certified Fir. This timber is of exceptional quality and texture - the closely grown annual rings give it a mellow appearance of outstanding lustre and beauty. There is a distinct colour difference between the heartwood and sapwood - a feature often valued by architects.

Second growth Fir is also available and this is set to increase as more areas of rejuvenated forest reach maturity. The timber in these replanted forests grows far more quickly than in original forest and consequently the growth rings are more widely spaced and the texture of the timber far coarser. This timber is useful where a bold grain feature is sought, or for many structural applications.

As with other Canadian timbers, environmental concerns are paramount when any harvesting of Douglas Fir is undertaken. All forestry practice within British Columbia is highly regulated and Douglas Fir marketed by MBM Speciality Forest Products Ltd is guaranteed to meet all known Canadian government requirements. In addition much of the Fir we sell carries independent third-party environmental certification - meeting the stringent requirements of PEFC™ Annex. 4.

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