Western Hemlock

Tsuga heterophylla

Hemlock trees dominate the vast BC coastal forest and comprise 65% of the standing timber in this region. The supply of Hemlock remains plentiful and is harvested under the strict BC forestry law ensuring ongoing sustainability.

This timber is widely used in joinery applications. Particularly valued for use in door construction, both internal and external; the qualities of even texture, straight grain, stability and uniform colour, combine to make this an ideal timber of choice for this purpose. Hemlock is also favoured for the production of high quality staircases. Its use for handrails, newels, spindles, strings and treads has become established over many years; again the attributes of straight grain, smooth texture and even colour lend themselves to this application.

Today's trend for light, bright interiors with neutral tones has made Hemlock a species of choice in many contemporary specifications.

We carry a 4 x 4" in stock, graded 85/15 Clear and kiln-dried to 12/14% moisture content. Other sizes and grades are available for direct shipment from Canada produced by Western Forest Products Inc. BC - being our principal supplier and a world leader in Hemlock production.

See the Western Forest Products web site.