Western Red Cedar

Please click the pictures on the right to inspect a full pack of Western Red Cedar. You can see both faces of all the pieces within an imported pack with a click of your mouse. These images show a true reflection of the quality of the various grades displayed. 

Thuja plicata

Valued for its beauty, stability, durability and thermal efficiency - Cedar has remained a species of choice for external claddings for centuries. Its durability has become legendary amongst gardeners with Cedar Greenhouses and Victorian home-owners with original Cedar conservatories. Cedar is classified as "Class 2 Durable" by BS EN 350. Furthermore BS 8417 provides for an expected 60 year service life if sapwood is excluded. Today, these properties of Cedar, coupled with certified sustainable credentials, continue to make it a favoured modern construction material. It blends effortlessly with other facade materials to give a low-maintenance, contemporary appearance to many current building projects.


The Timber

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), is cut from the log in slabs; 8", 6", 4" and 1¾" thick. At each cut the sawyer aims to maximise the yield of high grade Clear timber. The wide slabs are further sawn to various widths, again, to maximise high grade yield, this produces a range of standard sizes.

The 4" thick Cedar can be re-sawn to produce 2 pieces of 2" resulting in

  • 2 x 8
  • 2 x 6
  • 2 x 4

The 2" can be further sawn to produce 1" thickness.


Qualities are graded in accordance with the tried and tested Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB) "R" List Export Rules, although special custom grades are available where sufficient quantity justifies.

R List Grades

No 2 Clear and Better  - Paragraph 401
No 4 Clear  - Paragraph 401a
Factory Flitch  - Paragraph 402

Decking grades are custom grades developed to meet that specific end use. See the Western Forest Products web site.


Cedar Shingles

Stocked in the highest grade, "Number 1 Blue Label", in the normal UK / Irish dimension. FiveX 16".

  • Kiln Dried
  • 100% Heartwood
  • 100% Clear
  • 100% Vertical Grain
  • Can be preservative treated to order

Shingles come in bundles of random widths; each bundle will cover 25 ft²when laid at the normal exposure of 5", which is suitable for roof pitches of 18° or steeper.

Bundles are palletised 40 to 50 bundles per pallet.


More information can be found by downloading the following pdf document.

BC Shake and Shingle Association Application Handbook