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Increasingly popular in the UK and Ireland, this durable species is used mainly for cladding.

We hold landed stocks of Larch at our UK port facilities, available for immediate dispatch.

The timber comes from genuine old-growth logs, plentiful in this vast forest and we take great care in ensuring sustainable sourcing - our Larch is fully FSC® certified.

Properties and applications

It is a tough timber, dense and resinous at 750 kg/m3 (much denser than Pine or Cedar) and stable in use when dry. These hard-wearing durable qualities also make Larch the timber of choice for a number of other applications especially flooring where it has been used, for example, in various Olympic velodrome tracks around the world. It is the hardest of commercially available softwood species - Janka scale 1100 lb/in(European Redwood is 480 lb/in2).

The natural durability combined with independently verified environmental credentials has encouraged architects to specify this timber where a knotty, maintenance-free cladding is required.


The timber can be allowed to weather naturally, eventually achieving a uniform grey appearance. However if that is not the required finish, Larch will accept all forms of paint, stain and surface preparation allowing an endless variety of colour tones to be achieved.