DuraWood® - Natures technology


A clear grade, sustainably sourced hardwood with the beautiful colour of Teak. DuraWood® has outstanding durability and exceptional stability in service.


Produced using the latest thermal modification technology – applying heat, steam and pressure. An environmentally friendly process as no chemical substances are used during the modification process.


Technical Information


Durability – BS EN 350-2 Class 2, suitable for exterior usage (above ground) in BS EN 335 use class 3 applications.


Stability – DuraWood® has outstanding stability in service. It doesn’t cup, move or split which makes it ideal for high-performance timber applications.


Density – Approximately 325kg/m³ at a moisture content of 8%. Low density allows for ease of handling during installation.


Appearance – DuraWood® is a beautiful brown colour with a subtle grain figure like Teak or Iroko. Virtually knot free and straight grained providing a clean, sharp contemporary look.




Cladding, sidings and façades – Ideal choice due to its dimensional stability, durability and attractive appearance.


Windows, doors and gates - DuraWood® has low thermal conductivity which combined with its durability and stability makes it perfect for high-performance windows, doors and gates.


Louvres / brise soleil – Available in wide boards, light weight, dimensionally stable and naturally durable, DuraWood® has all the properties required for this application.





Lengths 2.4m – 6.1m

All sizes subject to stock availability